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Mindfulness series

We did a series of Facebook posts on mindfulness, culminating with some basic instructions for a simple mindfulness exercise. Below are the links to all of the posts. "Like" the page if you find the content useful, and please feel free to share.


Suffering and compulsive thinking

That voice in your head

Basic mindfulness instructions

Wrapping up


what is t.a.d.?

New release - "tad - happiness revealed"

We are pleased to announce the release of "tad - happiness revealed."

"tad - happiness revealed" replaces "The T.A.D. Principle", which was introduced in 2003 and became an award-winning work that helped countless people affect change for almost a decade. It will help you understand how your mind works, and how true, lasting happiness can be revealed. "tad" is structured around three core insights, five supporting insights, and over a dozen practical exercises including mindfulness practice. Together, the information presents a program that will help you understand and shed the delusions that keep you locked in a life of peaks and valleys, chasing happiness but only finding fleeting moments of fulfillment.

Visit the website for more information (and, if you purchased "The T.A.D. Principle" in the past, contact us to find out how to get the new version free of charge).

Along with this new release, we are moving posting from this blog to Facebook. This blog has been a great vehicle to communicate with readers since 2006, and we plan to leave it up for reference. Facebook will allow us to reach more people, and to expand the content from motivational quotes to short essays consistent with the information in "tad" and additional works coming out later in 2012. If you have enjoyed the blog for the past six years, we guarantee you will love us on Facebook - and, we promise not to overwhelm your "News Feed" and only provide information that will further your enlightenment!

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what is t.a.d.?

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We are conditioned to label everything, including each other. And once you label someone – they are a “certain” religion, color, political party, sexual preference, etc. – it is easy to construct an identity for them based on what you associate with that particular label.

It is easy to rationalize bad behavior when it is directed towards a label instead of a person. It is easy to tell jokes about a label, to treat a label unfairly, to take away rights and oppress labels – to hate and accept (or propagate) violence towards labels.

Become aware of this conditioning in your life, and work to reverse the process. You are not separate and distinct from everyone else, no matter how much your ego tries to convince you that you are.



"When this happens, I will be happy."
"When I accomplish that, I will be happy."

What is "this" and "that"? A new relationship? A new job? A house? Paying off your credit cards? Losing some weight?

Happiness exists in the present moment. If you don't realize this simple fact, you will always have a "this" and "that" between you and happiness. You will always have the hope of happiness in the future, but that future will never arrive because there will always be another "this" and "that" waiting.


what is t.a.d.?

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A short story and a question.

The story:

A young son was building a wall for a structure on his family's property. It consisted of over a thousand bricks, but the first row had four crooked bricks that could not be fixed because the bricks above were already set.

Every day the young son would look at the wall, frustrated and unhappy because he always focused on the four crooked bricks. He became so frustrated and unhappy, that he contemplated tearing down the wall so he could rebuild it - thus, in his mind, making it perfect.

One day his father approached and complimented him on what a wonderful job he had done, and how beautiful the wall was. The son, instead of being grateful, responded "Beautiful? Look at those four bricks - they are so crooked they ruin the wall."

The father considered this, and said "I see the four crooked bricks. But I also see another thousand perfect bricks, and the wall is beautiful."

The son became aware that he was so focused on the crooked bricks, and his desire to make everything "perfect", that he didn't see the beauty of the wall he had built.

The question (actually, it's three questions):

Where is your focus, what are you judging, and how is it affecting your happiness?



Have you ever stopped to admire a flower? There are several lessons you can learn from it – first, be present (covered in Thursday’s post). Second, drop your expectations. Does the flower stop blooming if no one notices? No, it expects nothing in return. Likewise, you should “do” without expectation of anything in return. Be compassionate. Help others. Show gratitude. How others respond, or don't respond, should not affect the nature of your actions. You should not need anyone to notice or thank you for what you do, and if you have expectations that they should, your actions aren’t selfless.



Thought for the weekend:

"An athlete may run ten thousand miles in order to prepare for one hundred yards. Quantity gives experience." - Ray Bradbury

This quote is powerful, but even more so if you apply it to personal growth as opposed to your career, a hobby, or a sport/activity. How much time do you really spend on yourself? Compare that to the time you spend on things like television, movies, hobbies, sports, etc. There is nothing wrong with any of those activities if you enjoy them, but don't let them be a distraction from life. Spend time on "you" - self-introspection, understanding, growth of positive attributes like gratitude and compassion, developing the ability to see the similarities in your fellow man as opposed to the differences.

In 20 years you won't remember many of the distractions you get lost in day-to-day; there will just be a sense of "where did the time go?" But, you WILL remember and reap the benefits of persistent "practice" when it comes to your own growth and development.


what is t.a.d.?
"He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened."

- Lao Tzu

what is t.a.d.?

"Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy."

- Guillaume Apollinaire

what is t.a.d.?